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Welcome to Vintage LED

Vintage LED was born out of necessity, a passion for cool lighting and a commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon reduction. We are excited about providing a real alternative to vintage style carbon filament light bulbs (Edison light bulbs). Carbon filament light bulbs are energy hungry and don't last long, but people want to use them because they look really good, we did!

In fact a few years ago we needed to solve a lighting problem in an old bank in Northcote and found that the only nice looking naked light bulbs were in fact halogen or carbon filament. We installed 30 of them. The light was poor, they kept blowing and they were expensive to run. So we started looking for alternatives and realised others might be doing the same. This was the start of Vintage LED. What has really surprised us is the extent of the savings we are making. Most people who mention a return on investment of 25-35% are probably pulling your leg or selling you a fabulous timeshare on some island that does not exist. But changing over to LED honestly represents a significant return on investment. As everyone's needs are different, we want you to be able to accurately see see how much you could save, so have created an energy savings calculator: Click here.

Vintage LED offers a selection of lights and fittings to suit the contemporary retail, café, restaurant or home. It centres on the idea that lighting should be functional, warm, efficient and beautiful. Our lights do not compromise on any of these things. We are sure you’ll agree. See our collection.

To make it easy for you we have put together some pendant and light bulb kits which can be easily installed (with the help of a licenced electrician) to upgrade or put the finishing touches to your design. See our Pendant Kits

If you want to design your own lighting solutions we have a selection of accessories for you to choose from. See our Fittings and accessories.

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